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As an expert or consultant, you help your clients to:

Manage their strategy implementation
Get buy-in and commitment from their operational sites
Support their sites to improve their compliance and performance
Measure progress against objectives
Share information with their team and define new objectives

Do you want to broaden your service offering?

Whatever your area of expertise, you can use our compliance and reporting technologies to build a larger service offering and generate recurring revenue.

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Reporting technology

Tennaxia’s Reporting Platform facilitates data collection, management, quality control, consolidation and analysis for your clients. It empowers you to easily manage your client’s reporting and identify performance gaps and opportunities for improvement.

By combining your competencies with our platform, you can create a holistic service offering such as :

  • Analysis of reporting topics
  • Definition of key indicators to track
  • Definition of the reporting protocol (scope, validation workflow, cross-check, etc.)
  • Questionnaire set-up* and roll-out
  • Historical data migration*
  • User training*
  • Data collection tracking (progress rate, individual follow-up with users, etc.)
  • Data consistency analysis
  • Data analysis*
  • Intra-group benchmark
  • Trend detection and analysis
  • Action plan recommendations and monitoring
  • Writing of summary reports and briefings
* These services can be performed with Tennaxia’s assistance if needed

Compliance technology

Tennaxia’s platform enables people to share procedures (incl. Regulatory texts) and manage compliance. Thus you can share regulatory content with your clients, help them share internal procedures, support them for their compliance analysis, create dashboards and much more.

By joining your competencies and Tennaxia’s platform, you can create a holistic service offering such as :

  • Analysis of key compliance matters
  • Definition of the regulatory or normative* framework
  • Regulatory or normative framework implementation**
  • Users training to compliance management based on the regulatory or normative framework**
  • Initial compliance audit/assessment
  • Frequent update of the regulatory or normative framework
  • Frequent or one-time compliance audit
  • Intra-group benchmark
  • Action plan recommendation
  • Summary report
*The regulatory or normative framework can be based on a collection of internal procedures, official regulations, standards, best practices, etc.
**These services can be done by Tennaxia if needed
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